VT 100 Endurance Race

Pos.Finish time Participant
5125:46:30Chad Lasater
5225:48:37Dave Ashton
5325:50:04Julia Plourde
5425:53:57Steven LaBranche
5525:57:32Patrick Bourgeois-Hope
5625:59:27Jeremy Lyons
5726:13:11Melissa Woods
5826:14:00Beatrice De Lempdes
5926:17:12Michael Zec
6026:22:15Tom Wroblewski
6126:26:14Thomas Nuovo
6226:26:41Greg Abrahamson
6326:30:19Anatoly Ross
6426:32:11Jacob Stevens
6526:32:21Timothy Lamson
6626:39:38Julieann Storm
6726:43:49Stephen Gnoza
6826:57:36Jorge Rodriguez
6927:03:05Carlos Rodriguez
7027:07:06Jason Gray
7127:12:13Michelle Sherman
7227:13:05Chris Fischer
7327:20:55Walter Handloser
7427:21:14John Sheedy
7527:21:51William DeMott
7627:21:58Kristen Gonyaw
7727:22:42Christopher Barry
7827:27:56Justin Curreri
7927:30:29Emily Selonick
8027:30:42Kelyn Curitomay
8127:38:03Brian Gardner
8227:40:20Jill Robins
8327:43:48Tim Gorichanaz
8427:47:44Saul Ramirez
8527:49:40Antonio Sierra
8627:50:41Faye Weaver
8727:51:13Henry Slocum
8827:51:26Christopher Bustard
8927:53:13Geoff Smith
9027:55:50Guy Alderdice
9127:55:52Meghan Underhill
9228:02:48Matt Mauclair
9328:04:22Cheryl Yanek
9428:06:42Sony Sawad
9528:08:16Elizabeth Collins
9628:08:24Alexander Shaffer
9728:09:36Michael Racioppo
9828:14:01Emily Wivell
9928:16:58Atlee Burpee
10028:18:47Mayuko Floyd

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: vt100@vermontadaptive.org